Portable, Rainproof, Impact Resistant, Power Bank. 10000mah Dual-USB Solar Battery Charger

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Achilles Warrior Gear

Ever been out camping or hiking and wondering if your phone battery was going to last. Don't let yourself experience that sick feeling again. Be prepared, especially in case of an emergency. Keep your phone and tablets charge topped up no matter where you are.


  • Charge two devices at once. 1 - 5V/1A port and 1 - 5V/2.1A Port
  • Built in Bright LED Flashlight  
  • Colorful Durable ABS/Pc shell
  • High Capacity 10 000 mAh  Solar Charger / Power Bank

Charge the power bank by the wall or through sunlight. By wall takes about 8-10 hrs and by sunlight about 40 hrs. So just use sunlight to keep it topped up. 


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